Upgrade to a Flexible Workforce

Mili Llama's on-demand staffing platform attracts the most qualified college students to become substitute teachers.

Fill your substitute teaching assignments with qualified and reliable college students in just a few clicks.

On-Demand Staffing Platform

We manage substitute teacher insurance, onboarding, payroll, recruitment, support, and training.

Permanent Hiring

With our exclusive focus on college students, we provide a pathway for our school partners to hire our substitute teachers as full-time teachers.

Supplement Existing Program

We supplement your existing substitute teacher program with no upfront fees or minimums.

Live Support

We supplement your HR team and our substitute teachers with live support from Sunday to Friday.

Transparent and Fixed Pricing

Our pricing is transparent, with no upfront or monthly fees. Your school will pay a fixed rate per assignment based on full-day or half-day assignments.

Included in Every Plan


We provide your school with actionable data regarding your substitute teacher program.


Our substitute teachers complete a fingerprint background check and training before they are allowed to substitute. We can also include school or state-specific training as needed.


We will handle paying our substitute teachers every Friday.


We partner with colleges and organizations on college campuses to recruit college students of all majors.

Support and Training

We provide ongoing support and training for our substitute teachers to ensure they are successful.
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